Executive gifts that leave a lasting impact

Don't simply give a gift.
Make a difference.

Executive gifts should always look good. But a truly special gift can do good, too.

At Peace by Piece International, we custom-make high-end executive gifts that uplift underserved communities. Handmade and carefully crafted, our gift lines are designed to make a meaningful impact across the globe and a lasting impression here at home.

We work with over 40 nonprofit partners and social enterprises. These organizations were handpicked for the direct impact they have on the lives of their master artisans in four key areas: developing a more sustainable world, creating jobs for underserved communities, empowering women, and growing equity in education.

Personalized gifts for executives

Because our gifts are handmade, they can be customized to your specifications. Customization may include embossing, stamping, woven labels, or screening with your company name or logo or the recipient's name or initials. Working with our artisan partners, even the design of the gift itself can be specified by you. For example, when one client wanted to create executive gifts to celebrate Pride Month (June), we created a joyful, fully bespoke line of rainbow-themed bags that were sourced from cargo belts, punctured bouncy castles, and other discarded materials found in landfills in India.

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Executive gift ideas for board members

Whether practical or indulgent, a gift from Peace by Piece International makes every recipient feel like they've made a positive difference. We can help you communicate the story behind your gift. Through gift tags or cards, we will share stories of the people who created the gift or tally the measurable difference the gift made. For example, one order of 175 branded laptop bags created 1,250 hours of living-wage work. Another order of 240 water bottles supported the collection of 2,736 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic, the equivalent of 240,000 plastic bottles. Even a small order can have a big impact.

“When companies demonstrate a commitment to making the world a better place, they position themselves to better attract and retain both employees and customers.”


Unique gifts for executives

Choosing an executive gift requires thoughtfulness. What makes our gifts so memorable is that recipients feel appreciated not only because of the item itself but because of the impact that the item created. For example, your executive gift could keep a child in school because her mother is able to provide her with the mandatory uniform. Or your gift could provide the tools for someone who was formerly incarcerated to establish a new life.

By choosing executive gifts that are not only beautifully crafted but tell a values-driven story, your company creates a tangible demonstration of what matters to it. Each of the gift ideas featured here is a meaningful statement that will make an impression on your group because of the care that went into selecting and creating it.

Eco-friendly executive gifts

Peace by Piece International partners with several organizations committed to helping the environment.

  • Jaggery, a women-led social enterprise based in Gurgaon, India converts industrial waste material into a range of professional bags and multipurpose accessories. By transforming discarded seat belts, old car seat buckles, punctured bouncy castles, decommissioned defense-grade canvas, army tents, and parachutes into beautiful corporate gifts, Jaggery keeps industrial waste out of landfills.
  • Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 11.4 kilograms of plastic. In coastal communities in Haiti, Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, and elsewhere, locals collect plastic waste in exchange for money, healthcare, tuition, or other useful goods and services. Over 4,100 individuals are paid a UN-defined living wage by collecting plastic.
  • Itza Wood is a social enterprise with the goal of providing education, enterprise, and conservation to the Petén region of Northern Guatemala through the sale of handcrafted wooden gifts. To date, Itza Wood has planted over 45,000 trees to combat deforestation in the area, and its products are only made with wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
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