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Over 2 miles and 450 pounds of discarded seatbealts upcycled with 6,500+ hours of dignified work to produce 13,000 Levi's® keychains

Thank you, Levi's, for making a difference.

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Every gift provides second chances to underserved communities

Shop small-batch, sustainable products for team members, clients, and stakeholders.

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CNBC highlights how Peace by Piece International helps businesses impact women

Lauri Jones Pastrone, CEO Peace by Piece International, was recently featured on CNBC. In the video, CNBC has highlighted the way Peace by Piece International helps businesses change lives and empower women through purposeful gifting. Please see the full segment report....

Peace by Piece in the
Trade Press

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Meet the makers

Learn how gifting with purpose directly impacts our artisan communities.

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Client companies

We're grateful to these and many other organizations for changing lives through their corporate gifting.

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