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Ornaments that make a difference in the world

By Kim Kohatsu | October 24, 2022
An array of custom ornaments handing on a decorative tree

Some of our most popular holiday items are our handmade ornaments. It’s not just because they’re beautifully made and have a playful and festive spirit. It’s because these are ornaments that make a difference in the world. This holiday season, give corporate gifts that have a meaningful impact. Here are just a few ways how. […]

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How to create meaningful gifts for employees

By Kim Kohatsu | May 23, 2022
An idea for meaningful gifts for employees: Here, an employee at Thistle Farms, which employs survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction, smiles as she creates a salt body scrub.

When you hear the word customized in corporate gifting, it often means a product is taken off the shelf and your logo is slapped on it – end of story. But at Peace by Piece International, we work harder to create meaningful gifts for employees. When we say “customized,” we truly mean that from design […]

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How this custom water bottle helps clean the ocean for all of us

By Kim Kohatsu | April 1, 2022
Best custom water bottles with logo, shown with a hand taking it from a backpack pouch

Too often, corporate gifts are throwaway items. They’re not useful or they’re unattractive; they’ve been created without much thought or consideration. But with Peace by Piece’s partner Ocean Bottle, your custom water bottles with logo become so much more – they become a way for your company to be part of the solution. According to […]

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Corporate gifts that give back: How employers can live their values through gifting

By Kim Kohatsu | March 25, 2022
Corporate gifts that give back: A gift set comprised of handmade dominoes in an engravable box, popcorn, and a rolled blanked made from recycled bottles

The workplace is a completely different environment than it was before the pandemic. More of us work remotely or in a hybrid capacity. We’re thinking more about how our collective and individual actions impact others. And we’ve had time to reevaluate the role work plays in our lives. Increasingly, we want to spend our time […]

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