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Snacks and treats

These tempting creations don't just taste good. They do good.

Why order edible corporate gifts from Peace by Piece International?

Peace by Piece International's edible corporate gifts uplift underserved communities. Ethically sourced and carefully crafted, our snacks and treats are designed to make a meaningful impact across the globe and a lasting impression here at home.

We've handpicked over 30 nonprofit partners and social enterprises for the direct impact they have on the lives of their master artisans. It's what makes our corporate food gifts for clients so much more memorable than an ordinary gift.

  • This honey is extra sweet because it employs people returning home from incarceration.
  • This nut butter packs an extra punch because it provides job training to women facing adversity.
  • This gourmet coffee isn't just eye-opening, it's life-changing because it provides second chances through mentorship and skills training.

Give personalized corporate food gifts that make a difference in people's lives

Each partner we work with has been carefully selected for its direct impact on people's lives — an impact that we ensure is meaningful and measurable in four key areas:

  • Empowering women
  • Creating jobs for underserved communities
  • Developing a more sustainable world
  • Growing equity in education
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