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Snuggled Up for Fun!

Recycling Never Felt so Soft $189.00

This gift set includes the following items:

  • Soft and beautifully designed blanket made from 12 recycled bottles. W50” x H60”
  • Handmade dominoes set with 96 pieces in an engravable box. Dimensions: W8.75” x H4.9” x D2.4”
  • Snack options, including popcorn or chocolate.
  • Kitting: + $11.00
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Our gifts are handmade by artisans around the globe. As with all handmade products, each has slight variations that make them unique.

Peace by Piece International works with over 40 nonprofit partners and social enterprises selected specifically for their direct impact on people’s lives. This gift set provides new beginnings for underserved communities through these partner organizations:

  • Women’s Bean Project believes that all women have the power to transform their lives through employment. This organization hires women who are chronically unemployed and teaches them to make nourishing products, acquiring the tools needed to sustain themselves and their families for a lifetime.
  • Each Newly blanket is made from upcycled yarn, averaging 12 bottles worth of recycled plastic. By design, the blankets minimize water use and greenhouse gas emissions and actively divert waste from landfills, waterways, and other places that need to be protected.
  • Thai artisan group Waraporn Khamsuk crafts this delightful set of dominoes. By purchasing its products, you provide individuals and families with employment, education, and health care while helping preserve a disappearing art in rural Thailand.

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