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Homemade gifts from India

Based in New Delhi, India, WORK+SHELTER engages women in need to create high quality, ethically made, customized sewn goods. They provide paid training for women entering the garment industry and a fair-trade wage regardless of the amount of work to be completed.

Women at WORK+SHELTER are paid up to 5 times more than what they could be earning elsewhere, and they can count on a consistent paycheck rather than the piece wage that is typical in the industry.

Work+Shelter t shirts

The consistency of the wage allows women to plan and save, oftentimes for the first time in their lives. Currently, WORK+SHELTER employs over 50 women. More than 95% of the fabrics that WORK+SHELTER sources have an environmental qualifier — meaning that they are either recycled, upcycled, or organic.

Meet Rita

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Rita, mother of two, was living in Mumbai when her husband died. He had been the sole breadwinner in the family. As a young widow with no one to lean on for support, she became concerned about her and her children’s safety. Rita then made the difficult decision to go to New Delhi where her sister lives. It was there that she found WORK+SHELTER and received paid training and fairly paid work in sewing, packing, and import-export. “WORK+SHELTER saved me from quitting. I think I always had the courage but was lacking self-belief. That’s what I learned here. Now this is my happy place.” WORK+SHELTER celebrates women like Rita who, despite many challenges, have the courage to rise above.

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