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Healing Oil Roll Ons

Support for Women Survivors $15.00

Your purchase empowers women survivors of addiction, trafficking, and prostitution seeking healing and support. With a harmonious blend of natural ingredients, these roll-ons not only offer physical relief but also contribute to a sense of overall well-being. Embrace balance and healing with these oil rollers for coworkers, clients, and friends! Choose from “Breathe,” “Balance,” “Calm,” “Comfort,” “Focus,” “Immunity,” and “Relief.”

  • Capacity: 10 ML
  • Breathe – Eucalyptus smithii, Niaouli, Frankincense, + Peppermint
    A refreshing blend that clears the airways and minimizes seasonal threats.
  • Balance – Lavender, Lemon + Rose Geranium
    An uplifting blend that harmonizes the mind and improves mood.
  • Calm – Sweet Orange, Vanilla + Patchouli
    A grounding blend that reduces anxiety and promotes tranquility.
  • Comfort – Cary Sage, Clove + Ylang-Ylang
    A soothing blend that eases cramps and levels emotions.
  • Focus – Grapefruit, Peppermint + Lemon
    An energizing blend that inspires creativity and stimulates concentration.
  • Immunity – Clove, Oregano + Eucalyptus
    A protective blend with antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • Relief – Peppermint, Rosemary + Frankincense
    A soothing essential oil blend that alleviates headaches and enhances clarity.
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Our gifts are handmade by artisans around the globe. As with all handmade products, each has slight variations that make them unique.

Peace by Piece International works with over 30 nonprofit partners and social enterprises selected specifically for their direct impact on people’s lives. Your purchase supports the following organizations:

  • Thistle Farms was founded in 1997 to help women survivors find physical and emotional healing through a free two-year, holistic program.
  • Women receive trauma therapy, recovery support, employment, reconnect with their families, and become financially independent. Thistle Farms provides gateway jobs for women and funds its mission.

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