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Corporate candle gifts made by survivors

Thistle Farms was founded in 1997 to help women survivors find physical and emotional healing through a free two-year, holistic program. Women receive trauma therapy, recovery support, employment, reconnect with their families, and become financially independent.

Through social enterprises like the corporate candle gifts we offer, Thistle Farms provides gateway jobs for women and funds its mission.

Christy is a graduate of Thistle Farms's program.

Meet Christy

Christy became pregnant young, left school, and married an addict. Her biological father had been an addict, too. Pain medication was a coping mechanism to make her feel better.

She lived in a refrigerator box under a bridge, trading herself for drugs.

While serving time in jail and undergoing treatment, Christy met women who filled a place in her life that had always been empty.

Christy graduated from Thistle Farms's two-year residential program that provided her with a safe place to live, food and clothing, healthcare, counseling, therapeutic groups, and job training at no cost.

Today, Christy’s life is full of more goodness than she ever thought possible. She has meaningful employment, lives drug-free, and feels empowered by those around her.

Lauri and Katrina
An idea for meaningful gifts for employees: Here, an employee at Thistle Farms, which employs survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction, smiles as she creates a salt body scrub.
Thistle Farms body scrub set: Exfoliating body scrub and nourishing body butter
Thistle Farms Jet Set
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