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Popcorn for the People

Delicious popcorn gift sets creating meaningful employment for indvidiauls with Autism and disabilities 

Popcorn for the People is a nonprofit that creates meaningful employment for individuals with Autism and disabilities. Popcorn for the People aims to combat the current 80% unemployment rate in the Autistic community by training and hiring adults with Autism to create, cook, package, and sell uniquely flavored gourmet popcorn.

Adults with Autism and disabilities are involved in all aspects of the popcorn production, including labeling, packaging, shipping, and sales operations.


All individuals on their team receive proper training, and there are many opportunities for growth within Popcorn for the People. By purchasing their popcorn, you are directly supporting their mission and helping create new work opportunities.

Meet Samuel

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Samuel is a 30-year-old with Autism. He wants to travel, have fun, and work just like everybody else. Sam was the inspiration for Popcorn for the People, and became the first popcorn chef. Work at Popcorn for the People helps him find fulfillment and be happy. Sam plays an integral role in Popcorn for the People and has helped more individuals to feel empowered, take bigger risks, make delicious popcorn, and have meaningful employment.

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