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Ground Up

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Ground Up is a social enterprise that creates healthy and delicious nut butters while helping women overcome employment barriers through job training and mentorship. Women who participate in Ground Up’s job training program are overcoming adversity, including homelessness, former incarceration, mental illness, substance abuse, and human trafficking in the Portland area

Ground Up

Ground Up’s 6 to 9-month job training program allows for flexible and part time hours and has an open hiring policy, which reduces the barriers that women face in finding employment. Ground Up’s job training meets women where they are, regardless of their background or previous job history. To date, over 50 women have graduated from Ground Up’s job training program.

Meet J

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Before coming to Ground Up, J was homeless, depressed, and lacked confidence in herself and her ability to succeed. She didn’t believe she could be hired for any jobs. She found Ground Up and quickly became a labelling master and operator of the filling machine, which isn’t an easy task. J successfully graduated from Ground Up’s employment program and went on to get a job working at a homeless shelter where she recently celebrated her 1-year work anniversary. J is enjoying her current position and hopes to one day become a mentor for young girls.

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