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Big House Beans

Premium coffee products made by formerly incarcerated individuals 

Big House Beans sources and roasts award-winning coffees while providing opportunities for former inmates to create a better future. Big House Beans hires, mentors, and teaches skills to the “least desirable,” yet hard-working women and men who deserve second chances. They source and roast unique coffees, including 4 Golden Bean medal-winners.

John Krause Big House Beans

The main goal of Big House Beans is to empower individuals through unconditional love and opportunities. Big House Beans proudly contributes a portion of its profits to rehabilitation programs and supports the hiring of former inmates. Currently, Big House Beans employs 15 people.

Meet John

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John had a difficult early life. His dad died when he was 4, and his mom was transient. He started doing hard drugs at age 13. He used drugs for 17 years and was incarcerated for 12 of those years. After he left San Quentin prison in 2010, he wanted to be there for his 3 kids. A group of Christian believers took an interest in him, supported him, and taught him how to create a business. John was introduced to coffee roasting by a pastor of a church in Danville, California, and became obsessed with the flavors and quality of the coffee. It was much better than the Folgers crystals in San Quentin. John began roasting coffee in his garage then started Big House Beans in 2014. Since then, Big House Beans has helped John and other former inmates progress on their journey toward a better future.

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