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The social impact of corporate gifting: making real change

Corporate gifting doesn’t have to be just about the item itself – it can also be about the human recipient and the human maker. Corporate gifting can lead to true social impact. 

It’s easy to forget about the people behind the products we buy — and often when awareness is drawn to them, it’s in a negative light, showing the dark side of production and consumption. Furthermore, the potential for positive social impact is frequently underestimated (or just plain unknown), and corporate gifting has the ability to amplify that impact significantly. In the US, businesses spend over $240 billion on gifts, according to Forbes. At Peace by Piece, our vision is to provide meaningful ways for companies to source beautiful branded gifts while impacting both people and planet. 

True social impact

Whether your company is tracking ESGs, the UN’s SDGs, or you have DEI initiatives that make supporting underserved communities part of your corporate culture, we know that values matter. And employees want to see action that demonstrates those values in action by their leaders. 

According to research done by Engage for Good, “63% of respondents continue to want CEOs to take a stand on key societal issues, with income inequality, racial equity and climate change the top issues identified.” Corporate gifting programs provide a fantastic – and simple – opportunity for organizations to make it clear to their clients, employees, and stakeholders that making a positive impact on the planet and its people is important to them – and Peace by Piece is here to make that corporate vision a reality.

Social impact in Guatemala

Peace by Piece gifts are about so much more than checking a box. Every purchase has a real and direct role in the community that is making your gifts. One example of this is our partner workshop, Itza Wood, a social enterprise that lifts up their community through job creation in one of the most impoverished regions of Guatemala.  When you purchase gifts made by Itza Wood, you are directly supporting a community through sustainable employment and dignified wages. Our clients’ purchases have helped fund putting roofs on homes, install plumbing where it didn’t exist, and provide the means for workers to attend university. 

Furthermore, sustainable practices are so baked into the core of Itza Wood that they planted 45,000 trees in the heart of the Petén Jungle before they even touched a piece of wood for their creations. When they do harvest wood, it is exclusively FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified – the global gold standard of sustainability – in order to help maintain the health of the jungle that provides for their craft and their livelihoods. 

A single event gift order can support an entire ecosystem of people and a region that relies on one another to grow and thrive. 

One recent event, held by the esteemed 49ers Foundation, provided over 600 hours of work alone through their order of custom trays and coasters. 

“The guests were truly delighted with the gifts! The attention to detail and quality craftship did not go unnoticed. They not only added a touch of elegance to our gathering, but also sparked conversation and admiration among our guests.” – 49ers Foundation

Customize your gift

Our job at Peace by Piece is to make sure you find the perfect gift for your occasion and to help you customize and brand it so that it perfectly represents your organization. Itza Wood has a tremendous skill set in creating custom gifts from sustainably-sourced wood. From coffee canisters, to bowls, trays, coasters, and more, the artisans craft pieces that will stir conversation and awe amongst your event guests and recipients. But if you have ideas of your own, we are happy to explore them with you! 

(Don’t forget – the time for holiday gifts for your employees is quickly approaching! It’s not too early to place your orders.) There are countless ways to customize your order to both represent your brand and delight your recipients. You can even create gift sets like this glass and coaster pairing.

Our guarantee at Peace by Piece is that your gifts will be of the highest quality and that our partners, like Itza Wood, are doing the work of enacting real change on the environment and communities both in the US and globally. We would love to invite you to consider just how much of a role your organization could play becoming part of this ecosystem of positive impact.

What do you want to be known for? If social impact matters to your organization, let us help you make your impact simple.

Take a stand. Lead the pack. Gift with confidence. 

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