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Sweet Beginnings/BeeLove

Honey and personal care products made with 100% natural ingredients 

Sweet Beginnings makes the family of beelove™ products while providing transitional job opportunities for people with barriers to employment.

Sweet Beginnings provides opportunities for people returning home from incarceration to create a positive work history, learn productive work habits, and become productive members of society.

Sweet Beginnings/BeeLove's programs have been successful in helping people stay out of prison and find onward job placement.


Recidivism rates for Sweet Beginnings employees are less than 5%, which is a stark contrast to the national recidivism rate of 68%. Their job placement program has a 67% success rate, also outperforming the national benchmark of 54% for similar programs.

Meet Henry

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After doing an 8.5-year prison sentence, Henry wanted a new start. He knew it would be hard to get a job with a criminal record. He turned to North Lawndale Employment Network’s program in Chicago and was hired at Sweet Beginnings LLC to make products for the beelove®brand.

When speaking about his work, Henry said, “I could have never pictured myself making body washes, soaps, and honey! I learned patience and to think twice before I do anything.”

One of Henry’s favorite classes was Money Management – and learning the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Now Henry works at Lowe’s and is determined to do his best at work, stay out of trouble, and support his family and grandchildren. Henry’s long-term goal is to get his culinary certificate and open his own business.

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