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Sustainable Threads

High quality products handmade in India using natural fibers

Sustainable Threads is a social enterprise with a passion for justice and opportunity for marginalized women in rural India. Many of the artisans are physically disabled, survivors of domestic violence, or from socially ostracized tribal communities. The founders work closely with these individuals to design and create high-quality products that maintain Indian traditions and utilize materials that are part of their heritage.

All pieces contain local, natural fibers. The women who sew these designs are assured dignified wages, safe working conditions, and an environment that values and appreciates their abilities rather than focusing on their challenges.

Yarn dyeing

A natural outcome is stronger women, stronger families, and stronger communities. Sustainable Threads is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America.

Meet The Weavers

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Employment opportunities and social services have historically been very limited for handicapped persons in India who face severe stigmatization due to their physical challenges. To provide greater opportunities for these individuals, Sustainable Threads has partnered with the Physically Disabled Weaver’s Initiative. Women at this small weaving unit can learn skills and earn a fair income. As a result, they are better equipped to establish a social position within their families and in the broader community.

In addition to earning a fair wage, the members of the Physically Disabled Weaver’s Initiative have access to scholarships and revolving loans to help fund their children’s education and acquire comforts to make their day-to-day tasks easier. At the end of the year, profits are shared with the community so that artisans who are unable to work due to age or the nature of their disabilities, benefit as well.


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