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Sustainable SWAG: Elevating your corporate events with purposeful gifts

Sustainable SWAG to represent your values.


In the bustling world of corporate events, where every detail counts towards making a lasting impression, the concept of SWAG (Stuff We All Get) has become ubiquitous and — if we are being honest — can often be wasteful. However, there is an approach to SWAG that can not only enhance your brand’s image but can also make a positive impact on people and planet both locally and worldwide.

By working with us at Peace by Piece International, you can play a role in redefining SWAG by offering your guests customized and branded gifts that are crafted with both purpose and sustainability at the forefront. Event gifts curated through us are sourced from creative communities where pathways to self reliance are provided for individuals whose lives have been held back by homelessness, incarceration, economic disconnect, and more. Your attendees will not only leave with quality gifts, they’ll feel good knowing a fellow human somewhere is better off because of that gift.

“Stuff We All Get” can become “Something We All Give.”

How your SWAG can make a difference

1. A path to self reliance

Every single gift purchase from Peace by Piece supports deserving, underserved communities. By choosing our gifts, you’re contributing directly to sustainable livelihoods and dignified wages for talented individuals who create beautiful, handcrafted products. Our partner workshops not only teach new skills and provide necessary tools to the members of their creative communities, but they help preserve traditions and tell important stories. Sustainability is most often associated with the environment, but it can also mean creating sustainable work across generations. Our teams of makers are always thinking about how to create lasting positive change and that can be seen through initiatives like providing childcare at work, legal services, continuing education, job skills training, paid maternity leave, health care, and more.

Sustainable SWAG: handmade trays and coasters from FSC certified wood
These trays and coasters made for a recent 49ers Foundation event created 600 hours of dignified work for our team in Northern Guatemala.
2. Environmental responsibility

We prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our operations. Our partner workshops employ a variety of sustainable practices, including net-zero carbon emission processes, upcycling, reforestation, waste diversion, recycling and more. This means that your gifts can actually help minimize the environmental footprint that is often associated with event SWAG. Whether you choose one item as part of a larger SWAG bag or you wish to make your entire SWAG gift sustainable (even down to the tote!), we will help you find the right gifts that align with your values and your commitment to a greener future.

3. Customization and branding

While sustainability and social responsibility are our driving forces, we understand the importance of aligning gifts with your brand’s identity. That’s why our gifts are fully customizable and brandable, allowing you to showcase your logo or colors prominently. Whether it’s for a corporate event, conference, or client gifting, our team works closely with yours to create bespoke solutions that leave a lasting impression. Each gift comes with an impact card that shares the story of your gift, so that your recipients will see your dedication and will feel good knowing they are part of a positive gifting ecosystem.

Upcycled Denim Slim Laptop Bag
Brandable Upcycled Denim Laptop Bag

Join the movement

Sustainable SWAG can become a reality when we all commit to choosing brands that are making a positive impact in the world. Whether you want to support reforestation efforts, keep plastic out of the oceans, help support refugees or women coming out of sex trafficking, or address the worldwide gender gap… you can elevate the cause your organization most cares about through the gifts you choose. We do things big here in the West and that often means large events with hundreds and sometimes thousands of gifts being given. The potential for these events to enact positive change via sustainable SWAG cannot be understated. You can make sure that a slice of the billions of dollars being spent on promotional items each year does good in the world. 

Join the movement. Take a stand for your values. Make your next event one that leaves a legacy.

What do you want to be known for? Contact us today and we’ll get you connected to the perfect sustainable SWAG!

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