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Beautiful fair-trade bags made using jute and recycled materials

For years, Saidpur has provided fair employment opportunities and business training to over 1500 artisans. Saidpur supports mostly women who are heads of household and/or widows by paying them fairly and on time, and by building their capabilities through workshops and on-the-job-training.

Saidpur believes if women are empowered, the community as a whole will be transformed.

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Their fair-trade bags are made using locally-sourced natural materials such as eco-friendly jute and recycled materials like second-hand saris. As a certified member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), Saidpur provides work to marginalized women with full transparency to both partners and artisans.

Meet Yeasmin

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Yeasmin started tutoring to support her mother and 3 siblings at the young age of 14, after losing her father. Plunged into an economic crisis, Yeasmin struggled to make ends meet with her meager tutoring income. She joined Saidpur Enterprises soon after she got married, determined to find a way out of the poverty cycle. After an initial training, she joined the Saidpur team as a season artisan and became a regular artisan by the end of the year.

Yeasmin now has advanced skills in various bag stitching techniques and embroidery and supports other working processes within the Enterprise. She receives a regular salary, yearly dividends and two festival bonuses.

She continues to support her siblings and her husband's tea business with her regular income. She has been able to renovate her house with savings she earned over the years at Saidpur Enterprises. She is now determined to provide her son with a higher education.

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