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Preemptive Love

Handmade products supporting refugee-owned businesses and families

Preemptive Love is on a mission to ‘unmake’ violence and give hope to people caught in the ravages of war and conflict. Supporting refugee-owned businesses and makerspaces is one way they help families rebuild their lives and their communities. Jobs are the most powerful weapon against war. Preemptive Love’s Makerspace is more than just a place for women to work and create products. It is also a safe environment where friends are made and stories are shared.


The women who come to the Makerspace are incredibly strong and dedicated to taking care of their families. They have fled war and their homes in Syria and are rebuilding their lives in Northern Iraq.

Meet Delvin

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Delvin brews Arabic coffee so well that it’s become family lore — her husband says it won him over before they were married. She is skilled at hand sewing, a craft that requires precision and focus in order to make tiny, even stitches.But rather than the warm home in Syria where she envisioned raising her five children, Delvin lives in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. Preemptive Love has provided many forms of assistance to refugee families like Delvin’s. She receives training to grow her business and expand her opportunities. Her wages have helped to pay off her family’s debt.

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