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Modern Sprout

Sustainable gardening products

Modern Sprout’s mission is to uncomplicate indoor gardening. They use hydroponics and space-savvy products to help people overcome modern gardening challenges. Since its founding, Modern Sprout has been committed to domestic sourcing and manufacturing when possible, reducing plastic materials in its products and packaging, and building its products with sustainable materials.

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A percentage of proceeds from Modern Sprout’s sales is donated to the Pollinator Partnership for ecosystem protection. Modern Sprout partners with the Heartland Alliance to provide employment for Chicago’s most vulnerable residents.

Modern Sprout's Environmental Impact

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Every year, 18.7 million acres of forest are lost. Modern Sprout has partnered with American Forests to help reforest the future by selling tree kits. For every tree kit purchased, Modern Sprout makes a donation to American Forests to plant a tree.In 2020, they planted over 8,500 trees. In 2021, they are committing to planting another 50,000.Tree Kits feature carefully selected seed types that will thrive in most parts of the country. The container is made in the USA out of upcycled cow manure, which is 100% biodegradable and helps heal nutrient-depleted soil.

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