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Handcrafted Gifts from Rwanda

Ki-pepeo is providing Rwandan women a place to learn, grow, earn and support their families through the sewing trade. The founder, Priscilla Ruzibukka, is a young Rwandan who has been recognized as a 2018 Queen’s Young Leader by the Queen of England for her demonstration of leadership and entrepreneurship in her community.

Priscilla’s passion lies in creating employment for women and girls whose path might otherwise put them on track to becoming domestic helpers or housemaids. Her method provides training for them to become accomplished tailors and designers. Following training, the most skilled women are given the opportunity to work full-time for Ki-pepeo. Others are able to go on and work in the growing apparel industry in Rwanda.

Nadine of Kipepeo seamtress making gifts

Ki-pepeo is the Swahili word for butterfly. Ms. Ruzibukka feels that many of the women in her program started out as “ugly caterpillars that go through many life transformations to become beautiful and rare creatures”.

A member of Ki-Pepeo irons her handmade corporate gifts

Peace by Piece International is proud to partner with Ki-pepeo to bring our business clients vibrant “African kitenge” fabric accessories including passport covers, luggage tags, journal covers, laptop bags and much more.

Photos via (top to bottom): Photo via Priscilla Ruzibuka; Photo via Lauri Jones Pastrone; Photo via Lauri Jones Pastrone

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