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Unique employee gifts

Don't just give a gift. Make a difference.

Our unique employee gifts don't just look good.
They do good.

At Peace by Piece International, we custom-make unique employee gifts that uplift underserved communities. Handmade and carefully crafted, our gift lines are designed to make a meaningful impact across the globe and a lasting impression here at home.

We work with over 40 nonprofit partners and social enterprises. These organizations were handpicked for the direct impact they have on the lives of their master artisans in four key areas: developing a more sustainable world, creating jobs for underserved communities, empowering women, and growing equity in education.

“When companies demonstrate a commitment to making the world a better place, they position themselves to better attract and retain both employees and customers.”


Communicating the impact of your gift to employees

We will help you to share the impact of your gift with your employees. Perhaps each product comes accompanied by a gift tag or card that tells the story of how that product changes lives. For example, one order of 240 water bottles supported the collection of 2,736 kilograms of ocean-bound plastic, the equivalent of 240,000 plastic bottles. We can also discuss cross-branded email and social media campaigns, like the one we created with Levi's®.

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