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Atelier Calla

Quality home decor products made in Haiti 

Atelier Calla is revitalizing Haitian artisan work in wood, bone, and horn by creating quality home décor products. A team of over 30 artisans collaborate to design and produce Atelier Calla’s products in-house.

All materials used are ethically sourced, meaning they are made from regenerative wood or upcycled from byproducts of Haiti’s food industry. Products are finished with non-toxic hypoallergenic coatings free of harsh chemicals such as ethanol, sealant, or primer.

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Atelier Calla creates sustainable jobs in a country with a 70% unemployment rate. Artisans receive living wages and health care assistance in line with fair trade standards.

Meet Jonas

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Jonas Hazard is 42 years old with a wife and 2 daughters, ages 13 and 10. Over 20 years ago, he left the town he grew up in, Jacmel, and came to Port-au-Prince to find work. Although he had no skills and feared for his future, he was taken in by a master horn artisan as an apprentice. His skills developed over the years, and since 2011 he has been a lead artisan at Atelier Calla where he feels valued and respected.

Because of his work, Jonas can provide for his family and pay the necessary fees for his daughters to attend school. Due to the everyday danger of life in Port-au-Prince, he is now saving to buy a home in the country where he can provide a safer environment for his family to live. He feels blessed to be part of this community.

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