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Beautifully handcrafted products stressing ethical fashion 

Anchal has provided alternative careers in textiles and design to over 400 women. Colleen and Maggie Clines founded Anchal in 2010 after a visit to India introduced them to the exploitive world of the commercial sex trade and the lack of work opportunities for women. By investing in the community growth and safety of their women, Anchal artisans have been empowered to lead the way.

Their pieces are created from methods that are sustainable, ethical, and collaborative. Each heirloom-crafted product bears a hand-stitched signature of the woman that created the piece using certified organic cotton, vintage materials, and natural dyes.

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Their design philosophy supports the slow fashion movement and blends the traditional, handmade craft with contemporary designs.

Meet Seema

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Seema has worked with Anchal for 10 years and now leads the coordination of 180 artisans in India and teaches them new designs. With her earnings from Anchal, Seema has been able to send her daughter, Sanjne, to a good school.

Sanjne recently received the highest marks on her final exams at the Science Academy - a top institute in Ajmer. Witnessing Seema’s personal financial growth, as well as the impact on her daughter, is the culmination of Anchal’s mission.

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