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3 Sustainable Gifts that Give Denim New Life

Sustainable gifts as a solution to the overwhelming textile waste problem? You bet.

It’s become common knowledge that fast fashion and the subsequent waste produced by it are wreaking havoc on the environment – and sustainable gifts are a powerful answer. According to the EPA, 2,510,000 tons of textile waste was recycled in 2018, while 11,300,000 tons were tossed into a landfill. That’s a really hard number to wrap your mind around. 11 million tons in just one year. Creative solutions are needed and we are excited to tell you about how we are working with one of our partners in India to bring their creative solution to market. 

We want to bring you into the equation that serves as a promising solution to this problem. No, it doesn’t involve you putting on someone else’s jeans. But it does involve a complete reimagining of what used denim can be. Upcycled denim transformed into beautiful and sustainable gifts for your corporate gifting needs.

Diverting waste

Our partner Jaggery has recently introduced a line called ReDenim and we are so excited about the variety of items they have imagined and produced! Jaggery recently received recognition from the Indian government as an Upcycled Circular Product Manufacturer, which demonstrates their commitment to eliminating the “dead end” that comes to products – including fashion – when they’re thrown in the trash. They’ve collected denim from 6 different communities in Bangalore, working with a local textile recovery facility to sort and organize each piece. They have already given new life to almost 800 lbs of recovered denim and each order you place will make that number grow!

Uplifting communities

These sustainable gifts don’t just help the environment, they also give life to local communities. From collection, to sorting and washing, to the hand creation of these beautiful denim gifts, a representation of true circular economies is brought to life.

Below are a few of our favorites and we would love to work with you on customizing them for your next event, ERG outing, or client gift.

Mobile Phone Sling


Sustainable Gifts: Upcycled denim cell phone sling
Upcycled Denim Cell Phone Sling

Budget friendly. Simple. Impactful. Maybe your team members love to travel and need a simple solution for their cell phone, ID, and a few credit cards as they walk around new cities over their holiday vacation. Or maybe you need event SWAG for an upcoming conference. This mobile phone sling can be customized with your organization’s logo, is easy to travel with, and is both practical and fun.

Slim Laptop Bag


Sustainable Gifts: Upcycled Denim Slim Laptop Bag
Upcycled Denim Slim Laptop Bag

The slim laptop bag offers a stylish and unique solution to carrying around your laptop and other office essentials. Fully lined with one pocket on the outside and a zippered pocket on the inside, your clients will be able to simplify their life with this straightforward and stylish upcycled laptop bag. Show the world that your organization stands for sustainability by placing your logo above the reimagined denim pocket.


Executive Briefcase


Sustainable gifts: Upcycled denim executive briefcase
Upcycled Denim Executive Briefcase

Sometimes you need a little more room than the slim laptop case has to offer. That’s where the executive briefcase comes in handy! A bit more room inside and a few more pockets means you’ll have everything you need with you and it will be organized.

Find the perfect sustainable gift to say “Thank you!”

Whatever your client’s or team members needs, our team at Peace by Piece can help find you the perfect solution and will guide you through customizing and branding each gift so that your values are carried out into the world in the hands of those you show your appreciation to through your gifting programs.

Contact us to get started on customizing and branding your own ReDenim gift order!


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