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Handmade Gifts from Jordan

Sitti Soap is changing the lives of women in the Jerash Refugee Camp in Jordan by training and employing resident women to hand make olive products that are sold all over the world.

Jerash camp is one of 11 official Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan with a population of over 35,000 people that are stateless… holding no passport or National ID... only a 2-year temporary renewable passport from birth.

Sitti not only focuses on creating a self-sustaining, fair wage enterprise for the women of Jerash Camp, but also offers community-based programming and empowerment for women and girls. And their handmade soaps, oil and herb mixes are made with natural products and lots of love.

Sitti means ‘my grandma’ in Arabic, which is the tradition and inspiration behind making the soaps. Each product is handmade by the women of Sitti and is 100% vegan, ethically purchased, biodegradable, dye and alcohol free, and locally sourced from ancient olive tree groves in the Jordan Valley. 

The women of Sitti are all powerful and capable members of the community and their families. Sitti provides employment for these women with all different skill sets and education levels. Some women have bachelor’s degrees, but have struggled to find work due to the challenging conditions of refugee living. Others are the sole sources of income for themselves and their children. Through the opportunities provided by Sitti, other women have been able to provide for their families and pay off debts.

At Peace by Piece, we are proud to be partners of Sitti Soap. With Sitti, you’re not just purchasing soap; you’re providing women with a sustainable means of income and a chance to hope once again.

Photos for Sitti Soap by Jacqueline Sofia

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