PbP GOS01 Hol Ornaments 2
PbP GOS01 Hol Ornaments 2
PbP GOS01 Hol Ornaments 2020 1
PbP GOS01 Hol Ornaments Front Panels
PbP ORN01 Horn Dove Haiti
PbP ORN02 Wood Tree Guatemala
PbP ORN03 Sisal Rope Rwanda Copy
PbP ORN04 Felt Wool Nepal
PbP ORN05 Ceramic Elephant US

2020 Global Ornament Collection


Let us help you show your social and environmental commitment with our limited edition 2020 Global Ornament Collection. Ornaments are beautifully handmade by organizations who provide job and skills training in communities needing second chances in the United States, Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda, and Nepal. Every ornament is sustainably made by artisans earning living wages and follows local creative traditions. Shipping available.

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Our gifts are handmade by artisans around the globe. As with all handmade products, each has slight variations that make them unique.

Contributing organizations include:
Prodigal Pottery (U.S.A.): Formed, fired and painted by women fleeing homelessness, domestic abuse, and sex-trafficking. The women learn pottery making, receive financial training, emotional care and support, professional skills and assistance finding stable housing and long-term employment.

Atelier Calla (Haiti): Made from “rough horn”, ensuring the ethical use of animal by-products in the food supply. This workshop supports 20 families (over 100 people) with guaranteed pay above the minimum wage, one daily meal, an annual bonus, and life insurance.

Itza Wood (Guatemala): Made from sustainably harvested native mahogany. This social enterprise provides living wage work in a safe environment. In addition, profits support The Jungle School, bringing education to children from 9 villages in the Petén jungle region.

Women for Women International – Women’s Opportunity Center (Rwanda): Handwoven from natural sisal grass using a centuries-old tradition. Women are brought together in a safe space to learn life, business and vocational skills, allowing them to be the sole supporters of their families. Graduates receive assistance in expanding their business with economic training and support.

Association for Craft Producers (Nepal): Molded using the “Bare Hand” method of wool-work, followed by hand embroidery; a fusion of history and contemporary art forms. Female craft producers in this fair trade organization are supported through design, marketing, management and technical services, improving their business processes and financial stability.

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