Deux Mains

Handmade Gifts from Haiti

REBUILD globally is a nonprofit organization aiming to end the cycle of poverty in Haiti through education and job training programs. They empower men and women to find their pathway to dignified employment, thus promoting prosperity for families and communities in the region.

Partnering with REBUILD is Deux Mains, a social enterprise that has developed a market for the products made by REBUILD participants. What are those wonderful products? Accessories from upcycled tires and innertubes… both “natural resources” in Haiti. In addition, goat’s leather, previously disposed of at meat packing plants, is used in many of the designs.

Peace by Piece has partnered with REBUILD and Deux Mains for a number of reasons. First, we are happy to support societies in our hemisphere who have suffered incomprehensible damage from natural disasters and other circumstances out of individual control.

Second, by upcycling tires to produce their products, they are providing an environmentally viable solution to the disposal of rubber. Thirdly and most importantly, through purchase of their products, the direct effect on the lives of individual Haitians is extraordinary. Here’s a few things to know about the impact of their work amongst participants:

  • 92% increase in food security
  • 53% average decrease in debt
  • 90 people transitioned into safe housing
  • 20+ local schools supported

“I don’t want any water, but I need a job.” These were the words that inspired founder and CEO, Julie Colombino, to create REBUILD globally following the 2010 Haitian earthquake. They also happen to be the foundation of her social enterprise model, which seeks to end dependency and create a truly self-sustaining community. Since its inception, REBUILD globally has impacted over 2500 lives and continues to fight in an effort to take back everything that natural disasters have stolen, despite all the odds.

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