Nomi Network

Hand sewn gifts from Cambodia & India

Nomi Network is a non-profit that provides training and job opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking, as well as workforce and community development services in areas where human trafficking is prevalent. Survivors are given the skills and confidence to create gifts products in an ethical and transparent supply chain.

Nomi’s basic curriculum teaches survivors and women at risk not only sewing and manufacturing skills, but also basic literacy, mathematics, financial planning, and micro-finance so that they can enter the workforce and have agency, both individually and as a community. The women they train also have upward mobility through opportunities to learn additional skill sets allowing them access to jobs in fashion manufacturing, small business and entrepreneurship.

Nomi Network’s advanced curriculum equips non-profits and social enterprises that have production capacity with key fashion manufacturing skill sets. Nomi provides one-on-one technical assistance, production assistance, and mentorship to local entrepreneurs that lead social enterprises employing survivors and women at-risk of human trafficking.

Nomi Network women of cambodia sewing

Photos via: Nomi Network

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