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Manufacture Good

Branded cutting boards and other fine gifts

Located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, Manufacture Good helps unemployed men (ages 18-35) see work as an opportunity rather than a mundane task.

Through paid, six-month apprenticeships, Manufacture Good teaches the heart of workmanship that includes both tactical and soft-skills training. Since its 2013 inception, almost 100 men have learned to work with metal and wood as primary mediums to create “Common Goods for the Common Good.”


Manufacture Good not only believes that all men can learn the value of work, but that all men are made better by faithful and wholehearted work that ultimately results in a “get to” attitude rather than a “have to” attitude.

Meet Dane

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Dane came to Manufacture Good in 2018 in search of something more. For years, Dane worked a job he absolutely hated— waking up every morning trying to find a way out of going into work. When he and his wife decided to make the move to Birmingham, Dane googled jobs in the area and found a Manufacture Good apprenticeship. While initially he thought he’d simply learn how to work with wood, what Dane found was a transforming experience that helped him deal with years of unresolved anger, hate, and frustration. In Dane’s words, Manufacture Good “helped me realize that even when I don’t feel like I measure up, I measure up in the eyes of God."

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