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Environmental innovation and job creation through upcycled, customizable glass bottles

Located in La Antigua, Guatemala, Grønn is taking on the problem of glass waste and the need for job innovation. Through the collection of discarded glass bottles, Grønn iis creating work opportunities that nurture the talent and skills of its artisans to create a range of customizable drinking glasses.

Through collaborations with artists, restaurants and businesses, and a sustained workforce of dedicated artisans, Grønn's mission is to be a benchmark for the circular economy and demonstrate the possibilities of environmental innovation.

Woman inspects upcycled glasses

Environmental Impact

Sustainable gift: upcycled glassesAs of 2023, the Grønn team rescued 800,000 bottles, transforming them into high-quality products for you and your clients and team members to enjoy. Thousands of bottles are collected daily, keeping them from streets and landfills.

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