Handmade Gifts from India & Nepal

Freeset Fair Trade is a non-profit working to relieve oppression, poverty, and ignorance in communities in West Bengal, India and beyond through employment and education. Their businesses include manufacturing handmade bags and T-shirts; weaving; and providing an incubator to facilitate the establishment of new businesses.

Since 2001, Freeset has strategically placed their facilities in communities written off by society because they believe these communities deserve a life of freedom, to work in a safe environment and get paid fair wages.

Many of the workers employed by Freeset in India are survivors of sex trafficking. Due to extreme poverty, trafficking occurs on a daily basis and supports a large and well-organized illegal economy. In addition, natural disasters in nearby Bangladesh and Nepal often leave millions homeless and impoverished, making it easier for them to be exploited by human traffickers.

Freeset worker weaving gift product

Freeset works every day to prevent women and children from becoming victims while helping those who have been victimized to become survivors.

Photos via: Freeset

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