Unique leather gifts and batik fabrics from Rwanda

Dokmai is a social enterprise that employs young Rwandans to create unique leather gifts. From laptop bags to wallets to satchels and passport covers, Dokmai blends the colorful African joy of life into every product by mixing leather with stunning batik and African kitenge fabrics.

Luggage tags from Rwanda

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Workers at Dokmai create unique leather gifts in Rwanda.

Dokmai trains and employs Rwandans who struggle to find stable employment for fair wages. Workers are empowered and encouraged to come up with their own new designs to constantly improve the quality of these unique leather gifts. Currently, Dokmai ensures the livelihood of thirteen Rwandan families.

A workers at Dokmai sits at a sewing machine to create unique leather gifts.

Dokmai's founder Bernadette Umunyana adheres to the principles of fair trade and social responsibility. Her commitment is to be attuned to the individual needs of each member of her team. Methods of subsidy to employees include payment of children's school fees, loans to build small homes, and workhour flexibility to meet family commitments. Healthcare is paid for each employee and a meal subsidy is provided for all the staff.

The leather used by Dokmai meets the EU REACH directive, which aims to protect the users from any chemical residues in the final product. Coming soon… PINATEX®a vegan leather substitute made from pineapple leaves.

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Photos via: Dokmai

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