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Give a gift they'll be sure to remember

Peace by Piece International creates corporate gifts that will delight your recipients while providing second chances to underserved communities in the U.S. and around the globe.

Customize our sets or choose from these popular pairings.

Peace by Piece International creates corporate gifts that will delight your recipients while providing second chances to underserved communities in the U.S. and around the globe.

Customize our sets or choose from these popular pairings.

Shop holiday sets by price: Under $25 | $26 - 55 | $56 - 100 | Over $100
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Meet some of the makers behind our ornaments

Corporate holiday gifts under $25

Celebrate the Season

  • Handcarved ornament
  • Scented candle
  • $24.00

Purchasing this gift supports jobs for refugee women in Massachusetts and Haitian artisans. More »

It's Tea Time!

  • Brandable ceramic mug
  • 2 tea satchels
  • $25.00

Purchasing this set empowers women in Alabama and Tennessee to transition from homelessness and poverty. More »

Sweet and Spicy

  • Chili sauce (various flavors)
  • Jam (various flavors)
  • Pesto
  • $25.00

Purchasing this trio supports women farmers in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). More »

Good Morning

  • 12-oz granola (various flavors)
  • 4-oz coffee
  • $24.50

Purchasing this gift helps to employ refugees and formerly incarcerated people. More »

Scones and Jam

  • Cream scone mix
  • Apple strawberry jam
  • $21.50

Purchasing this set helps to employ refugee women in Connecticut and women facing employment barriers in Colorado. More »

Create your holiday gifts with Peace by Piece International:

Or, schedule a meeting with Lauri Pastrone to discuss your gifting ideas.

Each gift comes with a story card that communicates the social impact of your purchase.

Holiday gift sets $26 - 55

Game Night

  • Hand-carved wooden domino set
  • 5.5-oz popcorn (various flavors)
  • $43.00

Purchasing this set helps to employ adults on the autism spectrum in New Jersey and artisans in rural Thailand. More »

Not Your Mother's PB&J

  • Cream scone mix
  • Apple strawberry jam
  • Nut butter (various flavors)
  • $33.00

Purchasing this gift provides job training to refugees, women overcoming adversity, and people formerly incarcerated in the United States. More »

Yes, Chef!

  • Customizable denim apron
  • Chili sauce (various flavors)
  • $39.00

Heat things up in the kitchen while empowering women in India and Eswatini. More »

Garden Love

  • Brandable ceramic planter
  • 2 organic seed lollipops (various varieties)
  • $34.00

Purchasing this gift helps women in Alabama overcome homelessness, domestic abuse, and sex trafficking. More »

Breakfast Joy

  • Coffee and mug
  • Granola
  • Leather coaster
  • $52.50

Purchasing this set provides job training and second chances across the U.S. More »

Tasty Toast

  • Nut butter
  • Berry preserves
  • Honey
  • $32.00

Purchasing this set supports second chances for people formerly incarcerated and facing other job barriers. More »

These sets may be customized with other gift items in our selection.

Holiday gift sets $56-100

Share the Season

  • SHARE cookbook
  • Salad tongs
  • Tea towel
  • $85.00

Purchasing this set uplifts communities in Haiti, India, and wartorn areas. More »

Host With the Most

  • Customizable apron
  • Customizable grazing board
  • Olive oil
  • $92.00

This set supports jobs for low-income women in India, formerly incarcerated men in Alabama, and small farmers in Palestine. More »

Holiday Care Package

  • Customizable leather pouch
  • Soap, body butter, and candle
  • Ornament
  • $88.00

Pamper recipients while creating new beginnings for refugees, survivors of human trafficking, and traditional handicraft artisans. More »

Celebrate With Charcuterie

  • Engravable charcuterie board
  • Olive tapenade
  • Fig jam
  • $79.00

This gift supports education, small farmers, and women refugees. More »

Celebration Candle Set

  • Set of 3 candles
  • $60.00

This candle set empowers and employs women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction in Nashville. More »

Grazing board set

  • Engravable grazing board
  • Chili sauce, chutney, and pesto
  • $64.00

Become the center of the party while empowering formerly incarcerated people in Alabama and small women farmers in Eswatini. More »

Coffee to Go

  • Brandable travel mug
  • 4-oz single-origin coffee
  • $56.00

Purchasing this gift helps coastal communities around the globe and refugees in California. More »

Earth Hero

  • Brandable water bottle
  • Upcycled cable pouch
  • Upcycled coin and key holder
  • $85.00

This gift set supports sustainability and fair labor practices. More »

Add an ornament

Add an ornament to any gift set. Prices range from $9-16.

Purchasing our ornaments supports a variety of communities. Meet some of the makers »

The earlier you order, the more custom options are available for these handcrafted items.

Holiday gift sets over $100

Sustainable Leather Goods

  • Brandable wallet and passport holder
  • Brandable gadget bag
  • Brandable, refillable journal
  • $105.00

Purchasing this set provides job training and access to education to people in Haiti. More »

Travel Pro

  • Leather backpack in tan or black
  • Option to add your logo
  • $275.00

Purchasing this backpack empowers women in Brazil and throughout the supply chain with living wages and healthcare. More »

Moving in Style

  • Duffel bag
  • Matching gadget pouch
  • $145.00

Made from upcycled materials, this set supports employment for artisans in India. More »

Snuggled Up for Fun!

  • Blanket
  • Engravable domino set
  • Snack options
  • $189.00

Purchasing this set helps women who are chronically unemployed and others. More »

Add a handwritten message or customized holiday card with your gifts.

Custom kitting and shipping

Peace by Piece International can create ship-ready packages with your chosen gift items, an impact card that shares how the gift makes a difference, holiday crinkle, and tissue paper for a truly memorable unboxing.

We can also ship to recipient homes or offices, domestically or internationally — just tell us where.

We can even include a custom holiday card with a personalized message from your company. Ask about it at [email protected] or use the form on this page.

Gift Box with Cards
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Add an ornament to your gift sets

Whether as a standalone gift or an add-on to one of our holiday sets, these handcrafted ornaments are a memorable way to connect with your recipients. Every ornament supports transformative, living wage jobs for at-risk individuals in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Nepal, Rwanda, and the United States.

Some of these ornaments may be customized with your corporate colors and logo. Learn more »

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