Corporate Gifts with Social Impact

Here at Peace by Piece International, we engage fair-wage artisan communities across the globe to create custom, handmade, high-quality gifts for businesses looking to stand out — and make a difference at the same time. From leather messenger bags to embroidered toiletries bags; laptop sleeves to luggage tags, our gifts go a long way in making an impression on your executives, employees, and event attendees.

itza wood gifts for executives

Executive Gifts

give the gift they won’t forget.

Covered writing journal [Rwanda]

Employee Gifts & Event Give-aways

give the gift they won’t forget.

Looking for something more unique to your business? We gladly partner with organizations like yours to design one-of-a-kind gifts* bearing your logo, and the story of the community you’ve impacted through your purchase.

We’d be happy to collaborate on the most standout solution for your business. Contact us to discuss your needs today!

*Please note: our gifts are slowly and lovingly made across the world, and can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks (for those already made) to months for custom items.

“Our Peace by Piece gift bag from Rwanda helps us show customers that we’re about more than the bottom line. It helps us demonstrate that we’re actively engaged in making the world a better place. ”


Marketing Your Gifts

Gifts that speak volumes — without saying a word.

They say actions speak louder than words. Let your gift from Peace by Piece International share the story of your sustainable choices, and the difference you are making today.

Each of our time-honored, highly-treasured items comes with:

A Hangtag showcasing the benefits of giving with us, and

A Story Card highlighting the life of an individual impacted through your gift.

storycard tags for peace by piece international

Interested in amplifying your message even further? We’re here to help direct your story across the mediums that matter, to the people who count. Whether through social media or publications influential to your industry, we’ll help you craft the right message to share with investors, talent, customers, and more.

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