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CNBC highlights how Peace by Piece International helps businesses impact women

Silicon Valley, Calif., May 16, 2022 – Lauri Jones Pastrone, CEO Peace by Piece International, was recently featured on CNBC. In the video, CNBC has highlighted the way Peace by Piece International helps businesses change lives and empower women through purposeful gifting. Please see the full segment report by Andrea Day on the CNBC page, video below.

About Peace by Piece International

Peace by Piece International is a social enterprise that helps companies demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental impact through their gifting. We do this by partnering with over 40 non-profits and social enterprises that benefit underserved communities – all who create beautiful, quality, hand-crafted gifts that companies give to their event attendees, customers, and employees. Each purchase empowers and restores dignity to makers in these communities impacted by war, genocide, human trafficking, climate disasters or incarceration. Founded in 2017 and committed to women, sustainability, education and job creation for the underserved, Peace by Piece International is a woman-owned, Social Impact company, based in Silicon Valley, California.

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