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Create branded logo bags with PbP International

Whether it's for traveling, the gym, or a corporate event, your branded logo bags can do more than announce your company — they can do a world of good. By partnering with Peace by Piece International, you'll find a selection of high-quality, durable bags that can be customized in various ways, including embossing, stitching, laser printing, and more.

When you need branded logo bags, consider your budget and your environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) goals. Our partners have been carefully vetted to ensure they make a meaningful and measurable impact on both people and planet.

A worker at Jaggery holds up a sign that says "I made your bag." He is just one of the employees who create fair trade, high quality branded logo bags.

Why order branded logo bags from PbP International?

Model wearing one of our branded logo bags on her shoulder

Peace by Piece International's branded logo bags uplift underserved communities. Ethically sourced and carefully crafted, our bags are designed to make a meaningful impact across the globe and a lasting impression here at home.

We've handpicked over 30 nonprofit partners and social enterprises for the direct impact they have on the lives of their master artisans. It's what makes our bags so much more memorable than an ordinary tote.

These are just a few of our partners who handmake our bags:

Choose branded logo bags that make a difference in people's lives

Each partner we work with has been carefully selected for its direct impact on people's lives — an impact that we ensure is meaningful and measurable in four key areas:

  • Empowering women
  • Creating jobs for underserved communities
  • Developing a more sustainable world
  • Growing equity in education
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